We are The Inclusion Initiative 

The Inclusion Initiative is closing the professional opportunity gap for Adoptees of Color and Foster Care Alumni. 


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Who We Are

Our Community is for Adoptees of Color and Foster Care Alumni.


This is a network comprised of professionals from executives & founders, to mid-level career, to young professionals, and students.


Our platform  Includes:

  • Professional Networking through The [Network]
  • Professional Mentorship
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Professional and Skills Development Resources
  • Inclusive Companies and Job Opportunities¬†
  • Visibility of Our¬†Communities in the Workplace¬†

*This platform is currently in Beta and will open to the public in  2024.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to close the professional opportunity gap transracial adoptee and former foster youth communities often face due to a lack of an established network. 

Many transracial adoptees and foster care alumni have experienced bigger hurdles and challenges in reaching career milestones, promotions, increased salaries, etc. This can be as significant as a 5, even 10, year opportunity gap compared to peers who do not share these identities. 

The Inclusion Initiative was born from our Founder's lived experience in struggling to achieve the professional and career opportunities that her peers were achieving who do not share her identities and lived experiences.



Our Founder

Grace Yung Foster is the Founder & CEO of The Inclusion Initiative.

At 3 years old, she was abandoned at a local market in South Korea and orphaned.

She immigrated to the US at 5, eventually ended up in the foster care system and then adopted into a family with many multi-racial adopted and foster children, in a home with white parents.

Her experiences as a Transracial Adoptee, Foster Care Alum, and as a person of color in a very white community created constant challenges of finding true belonging and inclusion, especially in the workplace.

Through The Inclusion Initiative, she has created belonging for those who share her Adoptee and Foster Care Alumni identities. 



The Inclusion Initiative Workplace Survey

We conducted the first ever workplace survey specifically for transracial adoptees and foster care alumni.

This survey will help us build an incredible platform and professional network for our communities to help us close the professional opportunity gap many of us experience.

*Partial Preliminary results are shown. The very first full report will be released first to our internal community, and then to the general public in early 2024. 

Take Our Survey

This survey was built by our founder who is a Transracial Adoptee and Foster Care Alumni. It is built specifically for us and how we are considered in the workplace.



Share our survey with Transracial Adoptees and Foster Care Alumni.

Our voices matter. Let's make sure we are included, and visible, in the workplace. 


Support a Funded Study

These numbers are alarming. It shows there is a great need to better understand our needs in the workplace. A funded study is critical for true equity and inclusion. 


Our Community Events

So often, we only hear one story, one narrative, and one perspective that shapes our understanding and view of transracial adoption and foster care. 

If we want to create more belonging and inclusion for transracial adoptees and foster care alumni in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, schools, and society, we need to hear from those with lived experience.

Our "Let's Talk: Perspectives on Transracial Adoption & Foster Care" series is hosted by The Inclusion Initiative. Listen to these incredible conversation with our Founder, Grace Yung Foster, and our many inspiring guest speakers with lived experience. All our events for the public can be found on our Livestream channels.

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