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This network and platform is specifically for Transracial Adoptees and/or Foster Care Alumni who identify as professionals. Our communities often don't have professionals or mentors they can connect with who share their lived experiences. This platform offers a unique space for professional networking, relationship building, and career resources.

We will be open to the general public for membership in summer of 2024.

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Our Founder

Grace Yung Foster, Founder & CEO of The Inclusion Initiative

At 3 years old, Grace was orphaned and abandoned at the local market in South Korea and eventually ended up in the US foster care system to be adopted. 

Because of her very difficult experience as a transracial adoptee and foster youth in a predominantly white community, she never truly felt belonging anywhere, including in the workplace.

Now, she has created a community of belonging for those who share her lived experiences.

Events exclusively for [Network] Members 

We curate member-specific events that have our community front and center!

Here is one of our many amazing member events, The Inclusion Conversation series, with inspiring guest speakers who share our lived experience. 

Associate Member

Standard membership includes access to the [Network], and access to initial resources and events. This membership level starts at little to no cost to remove any barriers to entry for our community.

This level can upgrade at any time.

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Leadership Member

Advanced-level membership which includes access to the [Network], access to additional resources and events, and invitations to additional programming and events.

This level can upgrade at any time. 

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Executive Member

All-access membership which includes access to everything all other members receive, plus exclusive access to additional programs, courses, and events curated specially for this group.

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